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The Serum. $69.99

Custom hair growth serum.

Get a FREE medical consultation with our healthcare professionals to get your custom strength minoxidil topical formula. 

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The Vitamins. $39.99

Hair, skin, and nails vitamin.

Our CheveuxRx daily supplement is the most complete on the market. Formulated by licensed pharmacists with 49 FDA approved active ingredients that have been proven to improve your hair, skin, and nails.


The Eyelash Solution

Get ready to love your lashes.

This Bimatoprost Ophthalmic serum promotes the natural eyelash growth phase for thicker, fuller, longer lashes.

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The Skin Solution

Customized Trention Formula

Physician formulated beauty. Our Tretinoin cream is customized just for your skin. You pick the strength, from .025% to 0.1% of trentinoin.

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The Massager. $6.99

Stimulate your hair follicles.

Our gentle silicone scalp massager can be used wet or dry to circulate blood flow to the scalp promoting fabulous hair growth.


The 'Grow Getter' Starter Kit. $99.99

All of your favorites, all in one.

Our 'Grow Getter' starter kit is a one month supply of our supplements and serum at a discounted rate. We add a scalp massager for free to ensure healthy hair growth.