Your hair supplement & daily multi-vitamin all in one!

Our CheveuxRx daily supplement is the most complete on the market, scientifically formulated by licensed pharmacists with 49 FDA approved active ingredients! 


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What is CheveuxRx?

CheveuxRx is a daily hair growth & total multivitamin supplement with 49 FDA approved active ingredients inclusive of bioton, zinc, iron, vitamin C, vitamin D & more! Instead of taking hair growth supplements, in addition to fish oil, in addition to a daily multi, in addition to etc.! We put all of those amazing supplements into ONE!  

What ingredients are in CheveuxRx daily supplements?

We have 49 FDA approved active ingredients in our daily hair growth & multivitamin supplement (photo below). Our supplement is the most comprehensive on the market. We encourage you to review our product comparison chart

What comes inside of the box?

A 30-day supply of our daily vitamin supplement! A total of 180 capsules packaged in our signature "dose packaging" of 60 individual packages with 3 capsules each, making it easy for you to remember to take your supplement! You can take it on the go, stock some at the office, some in your kitchen, etc! We make it simple!

How many pills do I take?

A total of 6 capsules daily, 3 in the morning with food & a full glass of water, 3 in the evening with food & a full glass of water. Our signature "dose packaging" (meaning we packaged each serving of 3 capsules in easy to use clear packages) makes it simple & EASY to never miss a dose! 

How long will it take for my hair to grow back?

Every individual is different. Based on our research, we expect you should start seeing growth within 2-3 months. It is crucial to your success that you are consistent with your doses. Missing one day can have a negative effect.

Where are your products manufactured?

Our supplements are manufactured by an FDA Registered Facility, Best Life Pharma Naturals. LLC, located at 3110 South Potter Drive, Tempe Arizona 85282. Click here to learn more directly on the Best Life Pharma Naturals website.

In addition, our Certificate of Analysis (COA) indicates Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards were followed and every batch was tested to meet product specifications pursuant to EU standards. Note: this testing must be completed before the product can be released to market.

Do the supplements expire?

We include a lot number and date of manufacture on our products.  Our manufacturer recommends that the product is good for twenty-four (24) months from manufacturing.  Federal law, 21 CFR 111, requires a lot number and a manufacture date but not an expiration date.

Are you registered with the FDA?

Our facility is registered with the US. Food and Drug Administration. Registration Number 11046709544.

Are any lab reports available from the manufacturer to verify the capsule contents?

Yes! You can learn more by viewing our Certificate of Analysis