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Hair Scalp Massager CheveuxRx
Hair Scalp Massager CheveuxRx
Hair Scalp Massager CheveuxRx
Hair Scalp Massager CheveuxRx
Hair Scalp Massager CheveuxRx
Hair Scalp Massager CheveuxRx

Hair Scalp Massager CheveuxRx

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Our hair scalp massager feels fabulous as it gently exfoliates and cleans your scalp. Our hair scalp massager shampoo brush helps to prevent hair thinning and encourages faster hair growth from a clean, healthy, stimulated scalp. Our soft silicone hair scalp massager relaxes and reduces stress.

- Use wet or dry! Use in the shower as a shampoo brush with our comfortable easy-grip handle.
- Safe and clean to use! Our soft and sturdy silicone bristles gently stimulates your scalp.                                                                                                                    

Your Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee

If you use the supplements twice daily for 90-days and don't see a change, we will give you a full refund. That's how confident we are!

Get 10% Off 2 Scalp Massagers

With the purchase of a 90 day supplement supply.

(Note: Supplements and Massagers must be in the cart for the discount to apply.)

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Taylor D.
Feels amazing!

I love this scalp massager! I actually use mine when I’m washing my hair in the shower. I use it to help scrub my scalp and get the shampoo in there! It’s very relaxing, and feels freaking awesome! It’s easy to hold, and a good size. I also love to use it after I take my hair out of a pony tail, especially if it’s been up all day. It feels great and I love it!

Tanya L.
United States United States
Soothing and Relaxes your scalp!

This brush worked really well to gently exfoliate my scalp. If you have long hair, be cautious not to do circular motions or you can knot your hair. This brush can also be used for a gentle massage, if you use a body scrub or polish and don't have a loofah or exfoliation glove. The bristles are thick, rounded at the end and flexible which is nice because I am a tender headed fool and need any hair tool that I use to be gentle, which it is. I really feel like it helps me get a good clean on my scalp, which is essential for me because I have always had oily skin, including my scalp. A bonus to this is that my manicures are lasting longer because I’m not trying to scrub my scalp with my hands and lifting up my nail polish in the process!

United States United States
Great scalp massager!

Great massager for scalp. Soft and does not snag hair.

Kurt G. S.
United States United States
CheveuxRX Scalp Massager is very stimulating on my scalp.

I use it on my head after I shampoo my hair. It is a very stimulating experience. I have been using it to help promote regrowth of my hair, after I realized that one of the supplements I had been taking had caused a thinning of my hair, causing a receding hairline and almost a bald spot on the top of my head. Between this product and taking collagen twice a day, I am glad to say that I am seeing a regrowth of my hair.

United States United States
Feels amazing!

This scalp massager fits well in my hand. I use mine out of the shower and in the shower washing my hair. It’s suppose to encourage faster hair growth through stimulating the scalp. It doesn’t hurt me and I think it feels really good. It’s a soft material that massages the head. I've only been using it for a short time, but I think it’s working to help me have a healthier scalp. Did tend to tangle my hair a bit when using dry, but I’ve coarse hair that tangles easy. Overall, I like the product and it feels amazing!!