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Our customer is our hero. You inspire us to continue to make life-changing products by sharing your amazing results by using CheveuxRx.  

Jessica, Donna, and April share their success stories using CheveuxRx. We love hearing how Cheveux has helped your hair loss journey, here are some of our favorite stories.

Beauty Influencer Jessica Carroll

Beauty, Lifestyle, and Fashion blogger Jessica Carroll tried and reviewed CheveuxRx Supplements against Sugar Bear Hair for 4 months and received amazing results. Her hair grew 4 inches in 4 months, which is an average of 1 inch per month. Thank you Jessica for your honest review, we're excited for your hair growth journey.

Entrepreneur Donna Cosic  

“Hi, my name is Donna. I had a friend of mine who has been losing hair throughout the years. And as she has been losing her hair, I noticed her hair has been thinning out. One day, she came to me and asked me to look at her hair. When I looked at her hair, I was amazed to see it thick! I said what are you using? She said Cheveux. And so I immediately bought some for my family members who do have thinning hair lines, and I’m excited to see those results!”

Licensed Pharmacist April Bryant

As a licensed pharmacist for over 20 years, April Bryant gives her expert opinion of CheveuxRx supplements. "With higher amounts of active ingredients such as biotin that really help with hair growth. You're not only get high doses of specific supplements such as trace minerals, biotin, and other nutrients that help regrow your hair. But it also provides everything you need for general health."